are you familiar with my Jewels posts? well sometimes i get overwhelmed with the wonderful array of new jewellery out there, and rather than dedicating a post to every single designer i compile a compendium of sorts instead. i’ve been numbering them in French (who KNOWS why) and this is the seventh edition, aka Sept. which can also mean September, which it is… so there you go. nonsensical yet completely sensical. is sensical even a word? i digress. here’s Jewels, Sept.

Young Frankk

my favourites are those quirky hand earrings and the orb cuff

Kathleen Whitaker

love everything especially the sequin ring & all the stone pieces

Sophie Buhai

i love the long suzanne earrings

Tiro Tiro

dig that chunky occa cuff & all the other new pieces

C. Alexandria

love the tassel earrings and all the hair pieces


i’d love to wear the delicate eclipse bracelet

By Boe

so much nice stuff but i think my fave is this necklace

Upscale Hare

this chain handpiece is beautiful


always a fan of a great hair pin and also love the binary ring


the gamma earrings are tops

Salihah Moore

most of her stuff is sold out for now! but i love these

Collette Ishiyama

the cat ring, of course.

Aoko Su

a lot to choose from, but i love these chunky earrings

Year of the Hare

into these tassel earrings

Christina Nicole

lovely pieces, but i actually love these jewellery stands & hooks the most!





  1. The only pieces of jewelry I ever wear are a pair of turquoise and silver studs and my simple rose gold wedding band. This post makes me want to empty my savings account and spend it all on earrings and rings and necklaces. So gorgeous.

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