if you’ve followed the blog for long enough you’d be familiar with the wonderful seasonal collections from Heinui, by french designer Claire Pignot. Claire actually also recently had a baby, who is now 3 months old – so i commend her on releasing the FW16 collection while navigating new motherhood! the fact that it’s so beautiful is just a bonus, this coat is going to be in my dreams. i also love the Nico dress in pink and mint green. shop the everything online here. lookbook photos by Olga de la Iglesia.



  1. Those coats are so beautiful! The prints and dresses are, as always, perfect. Why do more dresses not tie behind like the striped number anymore? It’s so flattering. When my daughter was three months old I smelled like sour milk 80% of the time and would forget to reattach my nursing bra when I left the house, go Mama!

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