yes those are what you think they are.

Australian Laurie Melia’s ceramics are so popular that in the two minutes it took me to open her Etsy shop and browse through some of her latest wares – they sold out. Laurie is very active on Instagram, and she announces when she’ll be updating her shop to her dedicated followers. her latest creations are these amazing vulva vases and incense holders. remember when boobs were all over everything, i wonder if vaginas are next? well if you’re on the market for a ceramic vulva then keep an eye on Laurie’s shop, because you’ll have to act fast.


  1. These are actually a little bit rude, but they’re certainly a conversation piece. I would have to hide them when Ouma comes for Sunday lunch.
    Which ones do you still have in stock? I particularly like the pink flower one. What is the prices please.

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