i love these portraits by French artist Claire Tabouret, which are actually pretty spooky – perhaps fitting for Halloween… most of these portraits are from a series called ‘Makeup’.

“The artist works based on photographs, drawing upon her personal archives as much as anonymous clichés harvested during her research, capturing figures frozen in an indefinable space-time, in order to advance a new reading of their presences and their appearances.” – Bugada & Cargnel

see all her work here.

claire-tabouret-10 claire-tabouret-6 claire-tabouret-14 claire-tabouret-13 claire-tabouret-4 claire-tabouret-1 claire-tabouret-12 claire-tabouret-7 claire-tabouret-11 claire-tabouret-5 claire-tabouret-8 claire-tabouret-9 claire-tabouret-15 claire-tabouret-2 claire-tabouret-3

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  1. I always say this on your art posts, but seriously, love discovering new art from your posts. These are exceptional portraits and you’re right, a tad bit spooky due to the smears. Eerie yet captivating…

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