i feel like wanting a neon sign is much like wanting a tattoo. it SEEMS really cool, but am i going to regret it once its up on my wall? or am i going to just want more and more when i have one. i like the idea of making a custom sign, too. what would you have yours say? mine would have my favourite saying: my heart bumps like a dryer with shoes in it.

these are by Sygns, who are based in Berlin but shop worldwide.



  1. Really great collection of neon art signs. I am considering doing a similar post on my blog too, this is a really good round up of what’s available.

  2. can’t go wrong with a nail salon neon – instagram.com/_nailsnroses_

  3. Electric Confetti make custom neon signs, I follow their instagram and imagine ordering one someday but like you say, would I regret it, hm..!

  4. Been having the same internal dialog for weeks now. I chickened out – but after this I might go for it!

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