if i had known about these awesome handwoven moses baskets from Ghana before Axel was born i would have ordered one in a nano second! he is now of course far too big to fit into any normal sized basket, but i would even consider getting one just to keep his toys in – how lovely are they? they are made by Design Dua, a company founded by Coretta Owusu.

i also love this vintage style bassinet, and their sweet changing baskets. shop online at their Etsy shop.


  1. I love these… not sure if I can justify the price for something that we’ll only need for a few months, though. We should probably just take the hand-me-down bassinet we’ve been offered. Sigh… babies make aesthetic choices hard!

  2. Thanks so much for this post – I was looking at the usual trad Moses basket options just a few hours before you published this and wondering why there wasn’t a more attractive option and lo – here it is! Just placed my order after much deliberating over colours and patterns and can’t wait to start using it x

  3. Hi! I was wondering if you know where one can purchase the vintage looking wicker/bamboo bassinet that is in last picture provided? It is SO cute but I cannot seem to find pricing nor search on the internet. Figured I would ask here since this is the only place I can seem to find it! Thanks a bunch,

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