here’s something fantastic to put a smile on your face this Friday. you’ll probably recognise Benu Made, as i have featured statement pieces from this Prague based jewellery line before (particularly the cactus & hand earrings). designer Pauline has just released a fun lookbook for her new collection a | symmetry, which includes asymmetrical statement pieces, layered abstract shapes and textured pieces.

This collection has taken an interesting turn: focusing my attention on the simplicity of metallics and the texture of leather has given me plenty of creative freedom in terms of shapes and scale. Some of the pieces are inspired by paper cutouts and unusual combinations of abstract shapes, and others explore the flexibility of the material, adding dimension to the jewellery.

i love these mismatched earrings & the Matisse earrings of course! see everything at her online shop.


  1. WOW these are all so so beautiful I can’t decide which ones I like best! And I’m also amazed at how reasonably priced they are! Thanks as always for sharing.

  2. What an inspiring artist! I love the mismatched earrings as well. Thank you for posting such a fun collection.

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