The Beatles photographed by Linda McCartney.

so, i am now privileged to have a nanny help out with Axel two days a week, which means more regular blogging will resume – yay! and that also means that more regular mid week distractions will resume.

i’m still trying to figure this work and baby thing out, but i have been so lucky to enjoy an extended maternity leave (since i work for myself, and have sacrificed freelance work in order to spend more time with Axel). he is 6 months old next week, can you believe it? i certainly can’t. he has even started sleeping through the night, sleeping till 6am two nights this week. do you know how huge that is? for people without kids: that’s HUGE. i just love him to bits, that little guy. so i can’t blame him for taking me away from the blog for a while.

but, anyway – back to those distractions.


The afterlife of a ballerina

a long but good read

How to start running

(just need to apply this to my own life)


L. Ron Hubbard’s Johannesburg home

creepy dude, but what a cool house!


This is not my beautiful house

“never again would I envy the lives of people whose homes I saw in books or magazines”


This kitchen before & after

an amazing DIY renovation

This bathroom before & after

i think i might copy this…!


Darkened Cities

lit only by starlight

Street vendors of Hanoi

photographed from above


100 days of handlettered book covers

a project by Jess Levitz

Pick Me Up

“a pep talk for now & later”


72 seasons

an app to guide you through the Japanese seasons


Color Claim

great colour combinations for design projects

North Korean Interiors

like a Wes Anderson film set


8 Cool Instagram Accounts

in case you, like i, need more to follow!


The Strategist

a new website to help you shop the internet

Constellation earrings

(speaking of shopping)


Page Not Found

Hilary’s 404 page is hilarious


these gifs are hypnotic


Wit Knits

amazing vintage knitted sweaters

Comedy Wildlife Awards

animals are unintentionally amusing



  1. I simply love when you post these!
    Something to look forward to this evening after a long day ahead of me-thank you!

  2. merci ! i’ve been following you for quite a long while and it is such a pleasure to get these tips :)

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