i have been eagerly watching local designer Gisele Human’s WAIF unfurl from a small passion project to a now fully fledged jewellery line, and am so happy to exclusively debut this wonderful new shoot and her online shop! Gisele comes from an advertising background, and collaborated with a team of cool creative people to bring this campaign alive.

The images capture some longstanding WAIF pieces and some new additions. The intention here is to introduce new pieces and let go of old ones, while maintaining the items that people love and enjoy. The idea is not to redesign a new collection every six months, but to slowly progress, more in line with slow fashion, a movement I strongly advocate.

Artist Claire Johnson created a temporary paper cutout inspired by WAIF pieces. The transparent golden mesh garments were custom-made for the shoot by designer Phillip Obermeyer, inspired by the shape and texture of WAIF. The shoot’s concept itself was born out of many conversations with Travys Owen and Githan Coopoo, whose input was intrinsic to the final product. Alet Viljoen‘s make-up, barely there, dewy and quite raw, enhanced Jesse’s particularly unique look. Jessica Crichton brought an element of outlandish beauty and emotion that only Travys could capture with such sensitivity and depth. All in all, every element was a reflection of true collaborative effort.

my favourite pieces are probably the mermaid earrings and the lady brooches. and the all seeing iO earrings. and the necklaces!! actually, it’s pretty hard to choose. peruse everything at her online shop.

Art direction & Design: Gisèle Human / Photographer  – Travys Owen / Model – Jessica Crichton at Boss / H&MU – Alet Viljoen / Intern – Githan Coopoo / Paper Artwork – Claire Johnson / Clothes: Phillip Obermeyer


  1. Cate Rochat Reply

    The styling on this is <3 (And the jewellery – but that goes without saying)

  2. Lisa Mills Reply

    Gorgeous jewellery, stunning styling, and I am also in love with some of those clothes! Any idea who they are by?

    • Gisele Human Reply

      The golden mesh t-shirt and skirt was custom-made by Phillip Obermeyer – his contact is hyperlinked in the text above. :)

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