maybe BROWN is a weird colour to pick for a gift guide. uuuum, amber? tan? caramel? coffee? cocoa? let’s not try to be fancy – it’s all brown in my books. but this is good stuff, you guys!

have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? i am about halfway. we only buy for family, but right now our family is sitting at 24 people! so tomorrow Axel is going to hang out with his Nana for a few hours while i dart to the shops and try to get some cute gifts that won’t break the bank. have you ever tried to Christmas shop with a 7 month old baby? DON’T.

of course if you were clever  / organised you would have already ordered everything online. but perhaps there is still time, so here are some ideas:

Plant Pedestals
Tacos Cap
Gourmand Subscription


Walnut Bowl Board
French Rolling Pin
Lowball Glass


Cake Print
Creatures Print
Donuts Print


Dog Mug
Coaster Set
Totem Candles


Leather Gloves
Cashmere Beanie
Sandqvist Wallet


Seed Pods Print
Marble Scarf
Stuffed Camel


Duffle Bag
Canyon Coco
Convertible Basket
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  1. Love all these things! I see that lots of your suggestions are from US or other foreign sites. What’s been your experience with ordering in to SA? I’m so reluctant to order something that may never make its way past customs/SA postals…

  2. I love this one! Really into the totem candles the the link doesn’t appear to work. Can you let me know where you found those gems?

    Thank you so much!

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