i finished wrapping all our presents yesterday, and we had an early Christmas dinner with Anton’s family to swap gifts before everyone split up for the holidays. i made a truly eighties style gammon, everyone brought a side dish, and we had red velvet cake for dessert. i also listened to Christmas music all day while preparing, my favourite album is still Dino’s Christmas… it all put me in a really good mood. but that could also have to do with the fact that on Monday we leave for our annual summer holiday. yay!

so, this is the final holiday gift guide! i’ve combined my yellow and gold finds because, well, i’m tired of doing gift guides. see, there’s a bit of my holiday Grinch coming through. phew. i hope they helped you in some way? see all of the 2016 holiday gift guides here.

Female Support System
Feminist Keychain
The Girls Ring


Hungoevr Cookbook
Terry Bath Towels
Banana Bag


Bar Barrette
Ring Holders


Bath Oil
Honeycomb Soap Set
Essential Oil Bath


Both Sides of Sunset
Smiley Mirror
Sunscreen Print


Initial Necklace
Plant Mobile
Face Ring


Modern Planter
Bison Pillow
Salt Spoon


Desk Calendar
Fun Food Fast
The Brown Sisters


Alligator Pin
Weekends Mug
Drop Earrings
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  1. I have been faithfully reading for years, and I have to say, I have ADORED these gift guides split up by color! Excellent job. Happy Christmas!

  2. Yes, these gift guides were oh-so-helpful! I’ve pretty much wanted every pair of earrings in every guide and this bison pillow is perfect with my bison decor! Thanks so much and happy holidays.

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