every year around this time i start pining for winter. like really cold, icy winter. we still have about 2 of the hottest months to get through, but i’m hoping that when Axel’s first birthday swings around in May (!!) i’ll be wearing a winter coat. what kind of coat? i dunno. something long. something cashmere. something green? something that you might find at Bonsergent Studio. they are an online shop that sells clothes and accessories “made with savoir-faire and good materials”. sounds good to me.

Ben is from the south of France and Cristian is Argentinian from Buenos Aires. After living in different cities; working as stylists and visual merchandisers, we decided to put all the things we love together and create this project. We’ve been collecting pieces for the last few years, but eventually our collection outgrew the space we had in our small flat. It’s a project we’d wanted to do for a long time so it seemed the perfect moment to get started, and a few months ago in Paris, Bonsergent Studio was born.

they are based between Paris and Barcelona but ship all over.


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