my new year’s resolution is to read more books (and i actually managed to read 3 books during the summer holiday – thank you baby naps!) i also think i need to dip into some classics that i have never read. and although my mom is a fan, i have never read anything by Agatha Christie. now i am even more determined since seeing this scarf collection by Angela Mckay aka Ohkii Studio, inspired by Agatha Christie’s 1941 novel Evil Under the Sun. think glamorous, murder mystery at an island resort…

you can buy the scarves at her online shop. she also sells prints!


  1. Beautiful scarves! Definitely check out Agatha Christie’s, “And Then There Were None”. It’s her best selling novel and a good one to start with. :)

  2. No no! Death on the Nile first! More glamorous.

    I preferred Poiret novels to Marple, generally. And then once you’ve read a few of each, check out her strange, minor, short-story character Mr. Harley Quin.

  3. I spend too much money because of your posts. Beautiful scarves. Some beautiful posters as well.

    Regarding books, I highly recommend Ali Smith. How to be both, or her latest book Autumn. Currently reading the latest Michael Chabon book. I have also heard Swing Time by Zadie Smith is great. And George Saunders releases his first novel soon.

    I love the modern classic American authors: Salinger, Hemingway, Faulkner, O’Connor.

    Happy mothering, happy reading, happy blogging!

  4. I love reading and I would like to read more, too!
    Also, I pretty much only read classics, so if you need quick advice I’d love to suggest my favourites

  5. Oh my gosh, I have read every single one of Agatha Christies mysteries and you just must read them too! Start with any one and you’ll be hooked. Such a big part of my teen years. And those scarves are gorgeous!

  6. Fräulein R. Reply

    I love Agatha Christie’s novels as well, I never read them until last year. Much like you I decided to fill a gap and was hooked immediately! I always preferred Poirot a bit to Marple – he’s more glamourous ;-)

  7. Such a great way of portraying the scarves. I love those still-lives especially. They really tell a story, each one of them does.
    As a fashion designer i know how hard it is sometimes to find strong inspiration and to then interpret it into your own visual language. She’s done a good job!

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