had a rough week? do you feel like if you see one more political story in your news feed that your head will explode? let’s look at something nice and calming instead. the work of artist Kim Keever fits the bill. Keever used to be a thermal engineer who worked primarily on projects at NASA. sometime in the seventies he switched careers and became a full time artist. don’t you feel like you just want to dive head-first into these images? they’re made by dripping paint from squeeze bottles into large tanks filled with water, which he carefully lights with colourful gels.

Keever’s landscapes, that are at first glance redolent of the Hudson River School and the German Romantic painters, are actually detailed miniature scenes that he builds himself, places in a 200-gallon tank, submerges in water, and then photographs. The landscape and the abstract images all have paint dispersing through the water adding a certain character to the constructed landscape in the tank and a high degree of randomness to the abstract images.

you can see more of his work at Artsy and Waterhouse & Dodd.


  1. Sandy Flint Wilson Reply

    Totally awesome work…really enjoyed….hope you have a better week coming up. Peace be with you…

  2. Thank you, I truly needed something beautiful and calm. How stunning!

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