Yigal Ozeri is a painter from Israel, based in NYC, who “paints women in nature”. yes, paints. these are oil paintings. i first featured his work a number of years ago here.

Yigal Ozeri succinctly summarizes his current practice as follows: “I paint women in nature.” Though he insists that his large-scale, photorealistic paintings are “reality,” because they are based on videos and photographs he takes of his subjects, his works are also infused with a Pre-Raphaelite sense of fantasy, imagination, and ethereality. Ozeri often catches his female protagonists in pensive, dreamy states, seeming to merge with their natural surroundings.

see more of his work at his website, Artsy, Louis K. Meisel Gallery & Zemack Contemporary Art.

portraits of the artist by Robert Banat.


  1. Oh cool, another old male artist painting models in nature. How original

  2. Angela Bitoux Reply

    Please can you tell me how much the picture of the lady in the water is? What are the sizes and can you organise shipment to Windhoek (it’s in Namibia) please? If it is a problem on the shipping, our son Gregory is coming to Cape Town in March. We can make a down payment for lay by.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Please can you send a price list and also please can you let me know delivery timings also how much is it to rent the pond with the plants in for a weekend? Party of 4. Thanks.

  4. It’s unbelievable to realize that these are paintings, I would have mistaken them for photographs otherwise! Thanks for sharing, the work is immaculate.

  5. what’s the point? there’s no style in this. why not just print out the photos of the models? also kind of creepy this old white man painting these young women in these sexualised poses. eugh

    • double agreed

      Yes, an amazing talent, but when something looks JUST like a photograph, it seems like wasted effort. Cuz you can just present the photograph as art.

  6. Let’s call this what it really is: another example of the male gaze masquerading as art.

  7. crazy! the one of the girl in the red dress in the wheat field is hanging in the house i’ve been working in! i gave it a couple of second looks from across the room but decided it was a photograph. i’ll have to take a closer look if i’m there again. so strange to see it here!

  8. It’s kind of odd to see people in the comments who aren’t absolutely in awe at this work. because i’m stuck in the awe stage.

  9. Claudia Vianello Reply

    This is insane. I would have never thought these were paintings! They look like photographs!!!

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