i look at this house and i’m like… (a) i want to live there. but (b) Axel would bang his head on that cool coffee table, and spit up on that leather chair, and fall down those rad concrete stairs, and he would most definitely eat those fake apples casually sitting in that wooden bowl. yep. but, it’s a gorgeous house, isn’t it?

shot for AD Spain by Ricardo Labougle, styled by Leandro Favaloro & Martina Lucatelli.


  1. House is attractive but looks extremely uncomfortable, especially the stool at the drawing board that would force the artist to bend way over to work. So … maybe Axel is right!

  2. Oh yes! this looks perfect as I sit here in sweaty sub tropical heat! I am always amazed that Australian architects have not embraced this kind of modernism/brutalism for Australia intense climate – still too many homes without wide eaves!

  3. ^^ Troppo do a lot of climate-sensitive design in Australia. But the result is more a big blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, so not so brutalist.

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