at first when browsing through Paris based designer Isabelle’s shop Monochromatiques i simply appreciated the fine minimalist jewellery – and then i began to notice sublime little surprises: a tiny brooch of matchsticks, a curtain blowing in the wind, a popcorn pin, assemble-it-yourself jewellery inspired by baby’s building bricks, an ode to the Log Lady, some subtle nipples and CHEESE! in her bio she says she hopes her creations will give their wearer a reason to smile, and i certainly did.

When I started to work in the art market 10 years ago, I quickly wanted to create something with my own hands, and escape from spending my time in front of a screen. I started to follow some ceramic courses and discovered the archaic feeling of modelling clay, which could be compared to the primitive joy of lighting a fire for a BBQ! My first works were dishes and vases, but I quickly had to work on very small pieces because of the lack of space in my studio. Little by little, the items turned out as jewels. Monochromatiques was born in September 2015, after a year of ceramics and jewelry training in Sèvres and Paris. In my collection, I try to produce simple forms with pure lines, while avoiding to fall into severe minimalism.

all available at her online shop.


  1. Merci Diana! I’ve been following your blog for years, and it feels so strange to see my works here :)

  2. Oh my gosh what a hilarious find! I just sent my friend the popcorn necklace for her birthday. Too fun!

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