aaah here we are again, friends – the shows are upon us! what shows? the Fall 2017 fashion shows, guys. don’t worry, i had no real idea they were on either. so i went lookin’ around at Vogue to see what is up, and of course walked away with an idea for some colour comparisons. mostly i just wanted to focus on Rosie Assoulin, who has the most interesting collection in my humble opinion. really fascinating pieces, and the shoes! don’t forget to look at the shoes.

The shoes — her first solo collection — had hand-turned wooden heels, like table legs, and the models had beautiful little clay pots dangling from their ears. If you were curious how those earrings were made, the artist responsible for them was stationed in the corner, throwing mini urns on a pottery wheel.

since Assoulin was inspired by interiors – “from the fabrics you might see on a couch to less likely furnishings” – i decided to place her pieces ex situ; in textured, painterly landscapes that would highlight her use of tweed, plaid, cable-knit wool and layers of silk…

HAROLD WESTON, Desert Shower
HAROLD WESTON, Desert Shower
Achsah Barlow Brewster, The Gulf of Salerno
Stefan Hirsch, New England
John Piper, Cottage across the lake
Milton Avery, Church by the sea
Vera Pagava, L’Eglise
Philip Little, Across the meadow
August Biehle, Scene with pond in Berlin Heights
Fremont Ellis, Aspens
Kisory Roy, Untitled (Darjeeling by Night)
Clarence A. Gagnon, La Riviere Vefsna Helgeland


  1. These are so beautiful and so inspiring… I can’t even tell you. This is an idea worthy of gallery display! Display them at my shop!

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