i saw this awesome loft makeover on Food52 and i couldn’t help but share, it’s so well designed and so much thought has gone into every detail. i highly recommend reading the entire article for all the info. the flat is in Hackney, London and is pretty small: only 46m2 (500 square feet) so the owners Catherine Verna Bentley & Louis Hagen Hall (who met on Tinder???) had to be clever with storage solutions, custom cabinetry and other design ideas. they are architectural & interior designers, after all.

This 500-square-foot loft in Hackney, East London, has all the good light and airiness you’d hope for in a loft, but it isn’t an open floor plan or a structure built within one. Plus, it has secrets. The custom joinery for the walls and built-ins features an astounding attention to detail—and to the owners’ lifestyle – resulting in flexible rooms and inventive storage solutions on end. The apartment needed to somehow be many things for the couple: a studio for their work, a place to sleep and store Catherine’s wardrobe, a place to cook and entertain and have overnight guests.

all photographs by India Hobson. see more at their website & over on Food52.

the gutted apartment, before renovation

The entryway lights were from a science lab in the Czech Republic in the 50’s & 60’s.

custom kitchen cabinetry, which also hides the fridge

a table can be pulled out from the built-in cabinetry to set up a meal for two

the study turns into an overnight space for guests

the custom door pulls were made from the bases of big brass pots


  1. absolutely LOVE it, especially the kitchen. And wilton way is my commute walk to work! :-)

  2. This continues to satisfy my obsession with the new Tiny House movement. Love the fittings and love the clever space saving design. x

  3. Wow absolutely every detail of this place is divine! Including the duo sitting in the space at the end, ha!! Thanks for sharing

  4. I wish I could see clearly what all of the books are on the bookcases-is there any way I can zoom in?

  5. I absolutely love that retro kitchen with a modern twist, That glass reminds me of a blue cabinet in my Gran’s cousins house in the 1970’s. It also had doors with circular vents. When I build my (SAfrican colonial style home, building the kitchen is going to be so much fun.

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