time for some GOODIES! first of all, the new Mara Hoffman swimwear is DELICIOUS. the above high-waisted bikini is my fave, also all of these… well, everything!

if i needed a shower curtain i would definitely get this one by Quiet Town:

these vessels by Sophie Eveleigh are gorgeous:

my favourite emoji is the upside down smiley, so obviously i think this tee is great:

these also made me LOL, the Frasier brothers and Prison Mike:

cool prints by Hotel Magique:

i kind of love these pink Nikes??

also i need this necklace i think:

beautiful wooden spoons & other sculptural things by Belaya Hvoya:

how comfortable does this chair look?

i would really like a custom butt weaving. (if they had to do mine: “we need more thread!!”)

i like this sweatshirt (also available as a tee)

and a reminder to Call Mom:

i love these sweet little pendant lights by Object and Light

i want to wrap myself in these wool blankets:

and eat off these plates:

and i’d like to wear these gorgeous earrings by Faris:

while carrying this cool woven bag:

and, a sweet calendar for the little ones (or the big ones!)


  1. The custom butt weaving link goes to a chair…but I am dying to know how I can really get a butt weaving!! :D

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