i have very vivid memories of rifling through the only vintage store in our little town as a teenager. it was called Greensleeves (anyone growing up in Stellenbosch in the 90s would remember!) and my friends and i would spend hours looking for cool t-shirts and other totally random things to wear. this was obviously the days before online shopping, and we lived 40 minutes away from the big city (none of us could drive) so the fashion situation was dire. DIRE. but we made it work somehow.

the seventies aesthetic was very big in 1998. if we had access to a shop like Redwolf – and their collection of vintage inspired t-shirts – we would have been set. i also had a pair of these exact shoes when i was sixteen, by the way. and a few pairs of bell-bottoms. dammit i would have looked SO COOL. ? anyway, i am especially into their Feminist for Life collection.

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