Zoe Young is an Australian artist who lives in NSW with her husband and two kids. her paintings are marked by her eclectic use of colour and sharp eye for unique landscape and still-life compositions.

Young’s latest series of paintings are a collage of time; coalesced with childhood memories, everyday interactions and accidental fascinations – a book, an heirloom, a ripe plum from the garden. This body of work reveals the significance that objects, both collected and inherited, hold for the artist. For instance, Young incorporates studies of artworks that have resonated with her since childhood, such as Benjamin Edwin Minns’ etching Aboriginal mother & child (1925) which features in Ode to Minns (2017). In this way, she pays homage to her Grandfather’s art collection and enters into a dialogue with these artists across time and space.

her new show Space Between Hours opens tomorrow at Piermarq in Sydney.

Washing basket
Foraging the cottage of DH Lawrence
Ruby Tuesday
Ganesha on a Summer’s day
Delightful clutter of a Cook’s kitchen
Liberty cucumber
Kosciuszko mint
Study of Colquhoun’s Paddington beside Belladonna Figs with an English Buddha
Foraged city flowers amidst other things
Pinot in the snow
Bella papaya
Studio scenario, sometime in Summertime
Ode to Minns
Vienna dreaming at Applegate Farm
Tokyo Gin Club : Friday afternoon in the studio
Dynamic dissonance for morning tea
The Australians
Vuillard and Wendy
Good morning
Royal Adventurer
From the garden, for the gin
Still life road trip
Boyd’s puzzle of Architexture


  1. What I love about this post is that you’re waaaaay over there in South Africa, introducing me to a wonderful Australian artist, having a solo exhibition in a gallery at Paddington, which is less than 2 k’s from where I live. Thank you

  2. I love her work, very pleasing to look at.
    I have an artist friend in Sydney, Australia, here name is Wendy Wooden and her art is wonderful, so different and colourful, maybe you could check it out too.
    Love your site


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