i love it when huge publications dig into their massive archives and share amazing articles from back in the day. like this 34 year old piece from Architectural Digest, a look into David Hockney’s California home – originally published in April 1983. this house is where he famously painted his pool. it was deemed very colourful back in the eighties – said Hockney, “Everyone who comes here likes it. People don’t dare such colors usually.”

Hockney began creating his unique “set” for living three years ago when he purchased, on the West Coast, a somewhat ordinary brown ranch-style house nestled against a wooded hillside. The transformation has taken place gradually as he has devised the exotic palette for each architectural element, each room, one step at a time. The only structural change has been the addition of three pyramidlike apertures to light the studio/living room. “What I am doing, slowly, is making my own environment—room by room—as artists do. Of course it’s fun,” he says.

you can see the influence of his work as a stage designer throughout the house. i LOVE it. he still owns this home (along with another one in Hollywood and his home & studio in Kensington, London). i wonder what it looks like now. also check out this London apartment which was owned by Hockney in the 60s and later sold to awesome designer couple Tchaik Chassay and Melissa North, who have lived there for over 40 years. (it’s a great video, be sure to watch it!)

David Hockney Painting His Pool

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    Reminded me TheJungalow on instagram!

    What a lovely, vivid house.

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