so i was browsing around trying to find inspiration for Axel’s room (which we just swapped with our home office, so it’s completely unfinished – and he’s almost a year old!) and i came across these two apartments in Paris, designed by GCG Architectes. what they have in common is that they both have wonderful kids rooms, and they are splendidly colourful (something i LOVE – i’m so sick of seeing these white Scandi apartments all over the place!). the first apartment, in the Boulogne-Billancourt district of Paris, looks like a Wes Anderson inspired dollhouse. the second apartment, in the 16th arrondissement, has a stuffed peacock in the lounge. it’s fabulous.




  1. I lived and worked in Paris way back in 1992 as an aupair. I still have fond memories of the city and the architecture and the hole in the ground communal toilets in the attic rooms that some of my aupair friends lived in!

  2. Please where are the white double ceiling lamp in blue-white childerns room from? Thank you a lot.

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