in the spirit of this being a compendium of radness, i’m sharing some random art i love today. i do realise that the art i like and tend to share is usually very colourful. i don’t know why that is. when i lived on my own my walls were so filled with colourful art, it was like living inside a Montessori play school. now of course i have to think of my husband when i decorate, so i have tried to reel in my vivid tendencies. but on this old blog i can do ANYTHING I WANT.

ANNA BJERGER, Camouflage, 2012
ARISTODIMOS KALDIS, Portrait of a Woman in a Red Coat (Elaine DeKooning), 1945
Ferdinand Hodler, THE ANGRY WARRIOR
JULIO LARRAZ, Forest Murmurs, 2015
BOBBY MATHIESON, Untitled, 2013
DARLENE COLE, Intimates (visiting Matisse)

STEVE ROMM, Self Portrait, 1973
JOSEPH O’SICKEY, Still Life With Autumn
JOHN GRILLO, Woman with Flowers, 1980
JAMES RIECK, Old Fashioned Sweetness
JOIRI MINAYA, Container #3, 2017
AXEL KRAUSE, Terrace, 2014
ALEX GARDNER, Untitled, 2017

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