i remember this trip to Paris fondly because i had just kind of met Anton, and i was thinking about him the entire time i was there (we only started dating the following year). i haven’t been back since, and i am dying to go again. i know some people who are actually from Paris who are very ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it. i get it, it can be cheesy. but i love cheesy. and i love cheese, which Paris has a lot of.

also, this was seven years ago at the height of the street style craze, so i took a lot of photos of cool looking strangers (did i fancy myself as some kind of Sartorialist? LOL.) do people still read street style blogs? …do people still read blogs? anyone out there?


  1. What?! No one is commenting anymore? I love this blog and have been following it for years. I’m just not a commenter much, and I rarely look at them either. Beautiful photos! As always, you have an eye for beauty. I keep bringing you up in conversations when anyone mentions SA.

  2. Yes, I read your blog and I love it. These pictures are amazing! x

  3. I read your blog…it is the only one I read…I’m just not much of a comment leaver. I always find it interesting a visually inspiring so thank you for all of your hard work and passion, it does not go unnoticed. Never been to Paris but it is definitely on my “before babies bucket list”.


  4. I don’t read many blogs except yours! There are not many cool ones left out there
    Lovely photos of Paris
    Hey I wanted to ask you in your post where you mentioned Reddit, what are some good subreddits that you follow?

  5. These photos are all sorts of wonderful! Thank you beaucoup for sharing. :)

  6. Yes Hi!! I have your blog bookmarked at the top of my page and check it almost every day just in case you’ve posted something new. :) I follow your blog and BOOOOOOOOM! which is somehow I think how I discovered yours?

    Love your aesthetic. Love your writing. Love your style. You help me keep my blog going, too (paperandpots.com/blog) which sometimes feels more like a chore than a way to share my passion, so thanks for that!

    AND Thanks for continuing this journey even with a tiny kid on board! That can be a lot. Makes you all the more a rockstar in my mind! Keep on keepin on.

  7. Stephanie Marchioni Reply

    I love your blog too! It has helped me through some hard times. It feeds my soul. Thank you

  8. I still read your blog, and I still love it :)
    Hugs and love

  9. Vancouver Barbara Reply

    Yes I do read blogs and love yours particularly. Ditto to all the above. You have created a very beautiful blog. Inspiring. Thank you.

  10. A quiet reader and a watcher, this moi. Love your blog, especially your midweek distractions and your baby’s slow motions videos :)

  11. I don’t read street style blogs anymore, but I’ve been reading yours for 5+ years at least!

  12. Hey there! A reader from Germany here…Yours and Thisisjanewayne are the only blogs I read and love <3

  13. I love to read blogs, but i’m afraid that streetstyle and similar are long dead. Keep up with yours because it’s wonderful!!

  14. Echoing the sentiments here. I’ve been following your blog for years and still love to read it! These photos are dreamy. The photo of the older gentleman reminds me of Christopher Plummer in the film Beginners. So chic!

  15. I’m a silent reader from Australia. Sorry for never commenting! But I’m here, always checking in and keeping up to date. I’m definitely prompted to check in by your facebook posts and like to follow your adventures on instagram. I have stopped reading a lot of blogs, but still keep up with yours and enjoy it very much. I also like reading Extraordinary Routines. And enjoy reading a few blogs by brands like suku home, in bed and nine lives bazaar. Thank you for the wonderful content over the years!!!

  16. “and i was thinking about him the entire time i was there”. And of course, the silent reader smiles and remembers that trip thinking about someone…
    I still read your blog, allways do. you have that special eye that fills the screen with beauty. And we all need a dose of beauty every day :)

  17. We’re still out here! Hello from New Jersey!

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and I’m afraid to say that this might be my first time writing a comment. But everything you share is absolutely rad and always improves my day. Keep on keeping on!

  18. I’m out here! I love your blog. I check it everyday and am constantly inspired by your posts. keep on keeping on!

  19. I just wanted to echo what others are saying. I am in the silent reader category (from the UK) and I have never left a comment on your blog before but I love your blog!! I am just not an active participant. It is always a delightful to see what you have discovered. I appreciate your aesthetics. I have even bought a few things that you had highlighted in your posts over the years. I have probably been reading it for 5+ years. I still read a select few blogs – I find it a better use of my time than facebook :). Although I am a fan of ig and also follow you on there (again without interacting).

  20. Anna Potter Reply

    There are 2 blogs that I check regularly, A Cup of Jo and yours. Love your work, keep it up!! xx

  21. I’ve read your blog for years. It is one of a handful I still read regularly. It is one of the few that can still introduce me to things that feel novel, refreshing and thought provoking. I love that I can still be surprised by your content. Your writing is wonderful and your eye is sharp. THANKS, from Washington DC!

  22. More of the same! Architecture student from Canada!
    Love the Blog, been reading for years – since I was in my teens!! My friends make fun of me for reading “mom blogs” until they actually see your blog :) Always inspiring, thank you for doing what you do!

  23. Great post! Browsing your pics I felt just like wandering through the streets and squares of Paris!

  24. Love Paris so much and browsing your pics I felt just like I would be there, strolling along its boulevards with you!

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