i want my coming weekend to look like this: have a fabulous party – or just hang out by myself – and leave behind beautiful debris to rival these scenes by Laura Letinsky. unfortunately Axel makes a mess all day long and it never looks as cool as this (and the lighting is never as good).

on a serious note, Laura Letinsky is an artist and a professor at the University of Chicago. she’s been producing these amazing still life photographs since the 1990s. you can read an interview with her about her work here.

Still lifes increasingly drew my interest. It interests me as a genre in the same way that concepts of love interest me—its association with the feminine, its characterization as “less important,” its affiliations with domesticity and intimacy. There seemed to be potential there, room for exploration. I realized that still lifes were a vehicle to explore the tension between the small and minute and larger social structures. For the last fifteen years I’ve explored this realm, increasingly weaving in questions about perception, about how we see and understand the world around us, and about how photography conflicts with and constrains our sense of our environment by reinforcing certain ideas we have about perception.


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  1. I’ve never really seen photos like that before. They’re somewhat chilling but absolutely mesmerising

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