Carmen D’Apollonio is a multi-talented Swiss potter who moved to LA in 2014 to pursue her work in ceramics. she also co-founded Swiss fashion brand Ikou Tschuss. her sculptural lights are totally my bag – something i would want in my house, if i didn’t have a toddler who would undoubtedly knock them over (why is it we can’t have nice things anymore?)

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  1. Ann Hogerheyde Reply


    I love your designes!

    Is it possible to buy one of your lamps and send it to me? (I live in Belgium)
    Are they hollow therefor less heavy but more fragile? Of are they fully made of clay? (But also heavier)
    Where can I find the prices?
    Where do you send them from?
    Is it possible to give me an estimation of this weight of model?
    Thank you very much!

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