i remember my first live drawing class in university, up to that point i had been drawing all my life and didn’t think there was anything i couldn’t draw. but we had to look at the figure and draw without lifting our pencil from the paper – in one line. it challenged everything i knew about drawing (which really had always just been intuitive to me, i had never taken a class or been taught how to draw). since then i’ve always really appreciated minimalist line art. to convey something in a few strokes is a masterful thing. Australian artist Caroline Walls undoubedtly gets this right.

Walls creates work with a skilled and fluid approach to aesthetics, focusing on the female form as her central subject. She worked as a designer and art director for fashion and luxury lifestyle brands for 10 years before moving into art-making full-time. “With a foundation in design my artistic practice is grounded in a strong sense of colour play, line and form. I am inspired by everyday human experiences and the fluidity and movement of the human body. These artworks explore the female body and the reduction of its form as a way of heightening its expressive power.”

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