firstly i just want to say thank you so much for all the nice comments on this post. i can’t reply to everyone individually, but know that every single word made me feel so special! thanks for all your support, always.

Frances May has been one of my favourite shops since for always (and also a loyal sponsor of this here blog since 2013 – that’s a long time you guys!) founder Pamela and her team clearly have an excellent eye; stocking designers like A.P.C., Rachel Comey, No. 6, Mociun, Ilana Kohn, Jesse Kamm and many more independent labels in their online and brick & mortar store in Portland.

so when i received the news that they were launching their very own Houseline i thought – YES! there are six dresses in the collection (in a variety of colours and fabrics) and i honestly would wear every single one (it’s not often that i can look at an entire collection and think,”wow they would ALL really suit me.”) they all look so flattering…

Pamela Baker-Miller, alongside Frances May brand director Rachel Turk, have created a concise collection of six dresses.  Made sustainably in Portland from deadstock Bemberg rayon, each piece features rare, archival construction details. These are the dresses the pair felt were missing from their respective wardrobes. For the Muse campaign they gave disposable cameras to creative friends like Jesse Chamberlin Marble, Mina Stone, and Janicza Bravo to photograph themselve wearing their favorite pieces from Houseline.

here you can see Part 1 and Part 2 of the Muse campaign, and you can shop the entire collection here.


  1. Wow, whoever is styling these – bravo! The dresses themselves are lovely, for sure, but mostly pretty simple or traditional shapes – what really makes these for me are the ace shoe pairings and accessories. I love the idea of a classic/basic wardrobe that can be easily updated with awesome shoes & jewelry, because lately for me shopping feels like such a chore. I’d rather find a good silhouette I can stick with and spend my money on the fun extras. Thanks for sharing!!!

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