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hello! i feel like i owe you an explanation as to why the blog is so quiet these days. so, if you’re interested, read on – or just skip to the fun stuff while i get a little bit wordy.

i temporarily shelved my working life during Axel’s first year, as we decided i would be his primary caregiver while Anton worked. it was both joyous and tough for me. to be able to spend so much time with him during such an important phase was a real privilege, but it also meant that i lost my grip on some parts of my life.

before having a baby i could sit at my computer in the morning and by 2pm realise i hadn’t had breakfast yet because i was so busy. i could work late into the night and it wouldn’t matter because i could sleep in the next day if i wanted to! that’s how i churned out so much blog ‘content’ (hate that word ?) and managed to keep up with all my freelance design work. now, oh my, anyone who has had a child will tell you that your time isn’t your own anymore. especially if you work for yourself – you have to adapt, be stricter with what little working hours you have, be able to take your mind away from what’s going on with your kid and focus.

turns out, focussing is hard. this blog has been my virtual baby for so many years, how could i keep it going when i was practically consumed by an actual real life baby who had happily turned my life upside down? the answer is, i didn’t. not only didn’t i have the time, but i started feeling out of touch with anything beyond my little baby world. i could feel myself receding into the background, scrolling the internet at weird hours of the morning and wondering if anything i had to say would just be… irrelevant.

at the same time i’ve watched the blogging landscape waxing and waning – mostly waning. it doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of space for solo bloggers like me anymore. i don’t have an editorial team to create content and i’m not hustling on instagram or facebook (where a lot of people have moved to, wrestling with algorithms all the live long day). this blog was never about that. some people tell me, “don’t be stupid – monetize and make the most of your audience!” but it’s not the direction i ever envisioned for myself or this space.

so, that’s where we’re at. only now a year and a half into this motherhood journey am i starting to find my feet. (also my respect for working mothers has increased a thousand fold!)

i think ultimately i also have to adapt to this new weird online space, but i don’t know what that means for the blog just yet. some days i just feel like calling it quits, but i hope i can at least keep old Miss Moss ticking away… if you’re still out there reading, thank you. you’re the reason i do this, you know?


this is a cool apartment. i know terrazzo is the millennial pink of design materials right now, but i’m into it.

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

have you guys been watching Mindhunter? Anton and i are obsessed – we already binge watched all of the first season – it’s such a good show. the late seventies styling is killer (pardon the pun).

These Things No. 66

i found this vintage Marimekko editorial in a LIFE magazine edition from 1966 and just thought it was super cute. did you know: the literal translation of Marimekko is “little dress for Mary”.

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

Joanna posted about the Instagram account of artist Alexey Kondakov who photoshops classic painted figures into modern scenarios. SO GOOD.

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

a couple had their Brooklyn home renovated with their cats in mind. they can walk up the bookshelf… and pop up through a trapdoor into the bedroom!

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

this R2D2 drinks trolley by Stokperd is ace:

These Things No. 66

Karu is a South African born NYC based label making nice threads and home things. into this boyfriend shirt (sold out though! ?)

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

so much good stuff coming out of South Africa right now, including Nette Rose – an exquisite lingerie line:

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

is fiber art still cool? well i love these giant rainbow arches by Mandi Smethells:

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

i love this painting by Guim Tió Zarraluki:

These Things No. 66

here’s another painting i like, by Kristina Alisauskaite:

These Things No. 66

can relate to these illustrations by Tara Booth:

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

in an ideal world i would be wearing this Mara Hoffman dress:

These Things No. 66

i could also totally see myself in the Oyster dress by Portland based designer Kate Towers:

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

i like these non-cutesie kids clothes (onesie and bat tee):

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

these mobiles by Lawrence Slater are hella cute. a boy and a girl snorkeler.

These Things No. 66

These Things No. 66

In memory of Saul Leiter. photographer François Halard photographed the East Village studio & apartment of Saul Leiter after his friend had bought it. in it are some things Leiter left behind. beautiful, read the intro!

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

new work by the superb Julie Blackmon:

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

is this the funnest apartment you’ve ever seen?

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66

also, a very good kitchen:

These Things No. 66 These Things No. 66


  1. Please keep going!! I love this blog. Its one of the first things i go to in the morning when I turn my computer on but I have a little one too and know how tough it is to find time to wash one’s hair let alone remain connected to their former independent self in what ever form that previously took. Wishing you all the sleep and productive time in the world!!

    • Sandy Barlow Reply

      In my mad mothering world which includes homeschooling of all things, I always find time to read my favourite blogs and yours is one of them. I love your blog Diana and I always appreciate how authentic you are.

    • Dear Miss Moss,

      I must begin this public love letter by informing you that this is the first (and possibly) last time I am compelled to write a comment on a blog. Please never feel that your blog, taste, inspirations (etc.) are irrelevant! Your blog is the only blog that I have not become bored with and that is probably because it is true extension of you and the way you see the world. Perhaps it is ironic to say, but your blog is the only one left with the human touch. While I go back to the other blogs that once inspired me hoping by chance they will inspire me once again, I know that although less frequent, when you post- it will not disappoint! Wishing you and your family all the best and don’t fret, your blog is still deeply loved and valued!


      Brielle Collins, Tel Aviv by way of Chicago.

  2. sarah carlson Reply

    Oh my word, I can relate! I have a 15 month old, and am struggling to figure out where I can carve out some “me-time” (hate that word) in our busy days without feeling like a self-preoccupied dick. But just so you know, I love your space. I work at a design studio and recently we had to list where we go to get inspired, and honestly, this blog is always at the top of my list. Love your roundups and midweek distractions, not to mention your Cape Town guide which I’ve lived by twice when visiting. Fingers crossed you want to keep blogging whenever life allows :) Sincerely, Sarah

  3. I’ve been reading for years and I’m glad you’re still here! Actually, with the fugitive character of instagram, I’m feeling drawn more to blogs again lately. Thanks for your great “content”!

  4. Thank you for your efforts. I love the blog and always enjoy your perspective. As a mama of a one year old who is juggling work and being a caregiver – hats off to you! X

  5. Lisa Fullstone Reply

    We will take what we can get, so lovely to cast my eye on such beautiful, fresh, unseen things. You always find the best content and when you are not blogging we get to enjoy that cute kid of your’s on instagram

  6. no matter which way you choose, we´d be so very happy to keep on reading! your blog and voice are such an inspiration, no matter the changes over the years! thank you for providing us with all those lovely things!

    and same here with “mindhunter”, it was simply perfect for a sick weekend…

  7. Gina de Villiers Reply

    For what it’s worth, I’d be sad if you called it quits. Miss Moss is one of the few authentic, genuinely interesting South African blogs we have!

  8. Take your time. Won’t ever stop checking in to see if you have posted something.

  9. Hey, I’ve been following you for years and no matter how often you post, I always am super glad to see an article from you pop on my rss feed ! (yes i’m a proud dinosaur of the internets)
    Whatever suits you, though, you are totally worth the change :D

  10. I always look forward to your posts! Your aesthetic and vision has been my favorite for years. No matter how infrequent, I’ll still be here. Thank you for everything !!! :)

  11. Awesome, day-making round up!

    I’ve enjoyed checking in on your blog for years, regardless of how often “content” is added. Thank you for keeping it going and staying curious & human rather than a product placement, ad-focused insta-star.

    And congratulations on the first year of motherhood : ) A big deal.

    Btw, marimekko is also an anagram of “Armi,” the founder’s first name, and “mekko,” the Finnish word for dress.

    Off to try that show now…

  12. Tessa Sanchez Reply

    Diana, your blog is one of the first sites I check in the morning. I’ve been following that routine for years now. Yours is the first blog I recommend to my girlfriends and it’s my go-to spot for all types of inspiration. Please know that your readers support you 100% . Keep it rockin’ girl!

    P.S. My heart leapt when I saw “These Things” this morning.

    Oakland, CA

  13. Just keep posting rad sh*t when you have time, girlfriend! I love your taste, whether I get doses of it weekly or monthly. No FB needed.

  14. I heart your blog and appreciate the originality of your content. While I don’t mind sponsored posts, they can get pretty exhausting sometimes! Take care.

  15. I love reading your blog. I have two small children (2 & 5) and know that it can be so, so hard to keep up with everything. I’ve also watched the blogging/online landscape change over the years and so appreciate your perspective. So many of the feeds I used to follow just seem to be trying to sell me things now. I really look forward to your posts, whenever they come.


  16. Lonnng time fan of your blog. Thank you for posting — keep at it in whatever schedule/format you need to! :)

  17. I have been following along for years and I still find Miss Moss one of the most refreshing, original and honest blogs out there. Thank you!!

  18. These are such good words!! As a fellow self-employed mom, I can relate soo much. Keep up the good work at your own healthy pace –you have a beautiful blog! xo

  19. Janet Kinghorn Reply

    Damn, I was getting worried there…! Don’t Stop. Ever. ok.

  20. Don’t stop! I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time. Your content is so much appreciated and so original. So many other blogs out there just repost articles or thoughts already in the sphere or with the same outlook. Know that you are appreciated!!

  21. Diana Moss. I am so proud right now that you’re a fellow South African. When I reached the comments on this post, I was so thrilled by the words of encouragement for you because they were precisely all the things I was feeling. It’s through you that I’ve discovered, amongst others, Honestly WTF, and your blog is absolutely a cut above the rest so it’s no mystery that they’ve resonated with you and that you attract such high praise, far and wide. Quality above quantity for me any time.

    PS Discovered by chance we have a doctor in common. I gushed to Dr E about you at the time and I hope she let you know of the major fandom happening.

  22. Diana! I love your blog. I am a mom, working from home with my 6 mo. old, and I can relate to everything you wrote in this post. I have no time. And right now, I’m supposed to be working, but here I am reading Miss Moss. HA! Your blog is the ONLY blog I read because it is authentic and not about an unachievable, perfect curated lifestyle. I am always discovering interest art, design, and fashion per your recommendations. Your approach to blogging encourages me to do creative work without unrealistic expectations (ahem, lookin’ at all you paid lifestyle/design bloggers).

    Please keep going when and if you have time. Love all you do and appreciate your thoughts!

  23. You provide me with so much inspiration; take your time, get some rest when you need it, and know that I am with you every step of the way! Thanks so much for your thoughtful curation; your attention to detail and depth of analysis is what keeps me coming back. From high school to now (grad school), I still listen to some of your playlists that you created. Your blog means a lot to me, and presumably, so a lot of us! Please keep going, if you have any motivation left for this space. Let us know how we can help.

  24. Don’t change a thing!! I love your blog! I think it is the only real blog left.

  25. I’ve also been reading for years and I find your blog such a refreshing place to go for inspiration and things about art and design without being too trendy or bloggy etc. Love this blog–I’d put you up there with my daily reads of Cup of Jo and Emily Henderson. I also follow you on IG and love watching your stories with Axel in them! Anyone who watches your stories knows why you’ve been a bit MIA, but who cares! Thank you for producing such high quality, fun content for us to read :)

  26. Diana, please don’t ever feel like what you have to say is irrelevant. Your perspective on design, fashion, art, etc. is truly unique and I genuinely appreciate when you take the time to put together a post. I’m a full-time working lawyer with two young kids at home, so I understand how difficult it is to make choices about working and parenting. Whatever you decide to do, know that you have a community of readers and moms around the world who support you!

  27. Keep it up! I love the blog and I think what you have to say is relevant. I don’t mind if it comes at weird hours or an irregular pace – I like that it’s you and your individual taste and not a team of content generators.

  28. No man you’re doing great! The first year of your childs life is so incredible and also so incredibly hardcore. Post when you can, don’t feel stressed about it. Your blog is wonderful (as always) – it won’t be the same, because you’re not the same anymore, and that’s cool. Take care x

  29. You have been and continue to be my favourite blog. Actual content that you cannot find elsewhere. Do what you can! We’ll take it! By the way, love everything you posted today, esp. cat house. And grateful to finally find out why Karu is called Karu!

  30. Please keep going!! I love that your blog isn’t like all the other ones out there right now, especially what some of them have turned into where every post is sponsored!! I love your unique, wonderful taste and don’t want it to end!! :-)

  31. I love this blog, including the fact that it is still authentically you. I don’t care that posting is irregular, I just check back every now and again to see what’s new!

  32. Hey, I just wanted to say IT GETS BETTER. The first two years of new motherhood, I felt like I had lost my freedom, my identity, my energy and motivation. It was beautiful and terrible at the same time. And I worried that it was just what my life would be (after having a thrilling creative career and day to day existence).

    It got so much better once I put our son Tennessee in a Parents Day Out program. 12 hours a week and it gave me the freedom to 1. invest in my own self-care and 2. to have the time and space to do my work without interruption or distractions.

    You got this. xo

  33. Please keep writing your blog, it is my favourite blog hands down and the only blog I genuinely look forward to reading/miss when there’s a bit of a lull in posts.

  34. I subscribe to many RSS feeds and your blog is one of three that I routinely check. Welcome back! I love your site. Thank you for what you do. It brings a little slice of joy to my day.

  35. Cheryl Simmons Reply

    Love your blog! Please keep on bloggin’Thankyou from Canada

  36. Jacqueline Reply

    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those asking you to continue! Even if the blog is irregularly updated, I so enjoy your posts, and still prefer solo bloggers to the big sites. Thanks for this delightful monster of a post :D

  37. I love your posts Diana – they’re diverse, interesting and always beautiful. But like all great things, I’m also happy to wait for when you’re ready to post. No pressure about what you share, how frequently you share … just love being connected to you. Reading the comments above, you’ve created a gorgeous community. Take care x

  38. What everyone said, Diana! Blogs like yours are so refreshing today. Also, readers never notice your publishing frequency; I just appreciate your posts any time they appear on Bloglovin. Please have a good day ahead! :)

  39. Oh, Diana! First and foremost you’ve gotta do whats best for you and your family. If you decide to take a break or the content shifts slightly as you start to change, I think thats a wonderful thing. THAT SAID. I will always love your posts, no matter how frequently or infrequently. Each collection of things you find is so thoughtful, so unique…so refreshing! It makes the wait worthwhile.

    and also YES, love mindhunter. I’ve been telling everyone to watch it!

  40. It’s already been said but yes keep blogging, whenever you can. In a world of homogeneous blogs yours is one that stands out.
    I know things develop, but not always in the right way. I love your style, stay an individual, unusual, unique voice!

  41. As a new mother myself, I completely understand how you’re feeling! I hope you will continue. All of the super slick, “professional” blogs out there just aren’t the same.

  42. Judging by all these comments it’s a hard yes that you should keep on blogging for your fans. But as a long time blogger myself, I think you should always just remain true to yourself and do it if you still love it and it serves a purpose. You are always relevant and have amazing style. Thanks for all the creativity you gift to us. X

  43. I love your blog! Please don’t stop! One of the only really authentic blogs I keep following!

  44. This kind of posts is what I miss most about bloggers.-
    Don’t give up.
    I’m also a mum working at home and I have started to feel like myself again only half a year ago (Facu is 2 and a half years old now).
    Have a great day ahead!
    Leti (from Argentina).

  45. Just want to let you know you and your blog are so appreciated! I love your unique eye and its always such a highlight reading your posts.

  46. I don´t have children and I´m feeling so lost and overwhelmed in my job right now, I just lost myself. So, this post made me feel a little stupid, since I don´t have the joyous burden of a baby. Anyway, Diana, please keep writing! Stay with us doing whatever you want. But don´t ever doubt about yourself, you have such an unique eye! Changes are everything and we need them, even if we get lost sometimes. I am sure I will want to read and contemplate your blog, whatever phase of life comes.
    Lots of love from B.A.

  47. Keep it up if you have the energy. And thank you. I always enjoy a root around the blog when I check in. New content or not.
    Good wishes from Ireland,

  48. This is my most favorite blog in the whole wide world. I so appreciate all the wonderful visuals and content you bring my way. Thank you SO MUCH.

  49. diana, your site is still my favorite, no matter the frequency of your posts! do what you gotta do, and being a working mom of 2, can totally relate. time to one’s self is such a luxury and sometimes you just want a bath or a nap… no pressure, just do it for yourself!

  50. Aww Diana, I hope you do keep going! It doesn’t need to be always, but your blog does bring me so much joy (and introduce me to such fun things!) My mom loves it too, we always chat about the things you post. Take care of yourself, go at your own pace, and do what feels best, but know that some of us love this cosy spot you’ve created.

  51. This blog is probably my favorite website on the WHOLE internet. I check it pretty much everyday! So glad to see you are posting again. :-)
    Love from California,

  52. PLEASE don’t stop! It’s one of the few blogs that actually has great, intriguing content. I really hope you find the time and energy to continue to blog.

  53. Linda d'Holt-Hackner Reply

    Amen to all the above!

    We will all take whatever, and whenever, you can share with us! Thank you for all the wonder, beauty, talent and pretty things you have discovered.

    Your treasures are always a treat :))) xx

  54. Stephanie S Reply

    Please never stop blogging. Your blog is one of the last corners of the internet that doesn’t seem weirdly manipulative and obsessively curated. It feels authentic and true to who you are. And that’s so rare nowadays, in the age of instagram, sponsored posts, endless need for “content” and an obsession with “engagement”.

    As someone who works in the world of media, its so nice to be able to retreat to spaces in the internet that are actually feel-good and a source of inspiration. Your taste is superb and I always love coming back here and reading everything you post.

    Heaps of love from New York, and loads of respect for all the working moms out there.

  55. Leasha Love Reply

    Love your blog. I have come back to it again and again over the years. Thank you!

  56. Ugh, blogging has changed so much in such a short amount of time, mostly for the worst as far as I’m concerned, I’m sick of constantly being sold something in disguise of a blog post with pretty pictures. It’s so hard to find genuine blogs these days who’s sole focus isn’t about the numbers and $$$ and that’s why I love your blog so much. Also, selfishly, as a South African living in Australia, your blog has been my go-to for years when I want to keep up with all things SA design. As the cool kids these days say, “You do you, boo!” haha :P

  57. I NEVER comment, but ditto to what everyone else said. I’ve been visiting for years and think this blog is the epitome of style and art inspiration- no other blog compares!

  58. You are BY FAR my favorite blog – actually I would say that other than some random tumblr image inspirations – I’ve pretty much let go of the other blogs…and yes it’s absolutely because of “content” and authenticity! I am not concerned with every day posts that run by an editorial calendar…I would take fewer and more quality, authenticity is absolutely key. Also your style just super resonates with me (and all these other lovely people of course!) you always show me things I haven’t seen before, introduce me to new artists, and just generally I always always love your honesty. So please – if you can – keep going. This is a joy. Xx


  59. Please keep going Diana! I’ve followed your blog for years and absolutely adore your mix of aesthetics, humor and your very real and honest approach to parenting. Yours is one of the very few blogs I follow – probably because it is genuine (unlike most other blogs). Love your work x from NZ

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