one of my bffs is getting married this year and i am to be a bridesmaid. but here’s the thing: we’ve been given carte blanche on what we can wear. yes, we can wear whatever we want. this is both cool and totally not cool, only because i am the most indecisive person in the world! i know i would want to wear a dress (because i am certainly not hip enough to pull off some kind of awesome pants look).

so if i had to pick a dream dress for any occasion it would have to be something by Christy Dawn, an LA based label that all the cool girls seem to be wearing (they are instagram darlings too, of course). but for good reason – their pieces are vintage inspired & timeless, they source deadstock fabric and they produce everything locally in LA. says founder & namesake Christy:

It’s my intention to create vintage inspired pieces that speak of quality and craftsmanship. There is something beyond the fabric I can hold on to. Something honest about vintage. Something classic. Something timeless, that reminds me of home. It’s the dress you long for when you stumble upon that box of old photographs of your grandmother. The lines and fabric tell a story. They’re the clothes and stories I hope to pass on through Christy Dawn.

they sew a limited number of dresses and number every piece they make – so the favourite ones often sell out quickly. have a look at their online shop here. i think the Paloma is my favourite, but for an event i would probably wear the Bergen or the Juliette.

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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter, here to say THANK YOU! I have been scoping out wedding dresses online in preparation, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t super complicated or full of lace until this post. I love the simple beauty of Christy Dawn’s bridal dresses!

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