another round of Goodies! which i also could have called COLOURFUL THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY. i just want to surround myself with fun, colourful things at the moment. i’m not too interested in things that are neutral or serious or beige right now. if that sounds like you then read on!

by the way i also only want to listen to happy music these days. maybe i should make a happy playlist? yay or nay in the comments and your wish is my command.

this dress by Mara Hoffman which is TOO EXPENSIVE for a normal person. but i had to show it to you. ugh i love all her stuff so much, her new RTW collection has serious notes of happy all over the place.

anything by Laura Bird but especially her ceramics.

this vintage boxing print collage

you know i’m a sucker for stripes and of course what is better than RAINBOW STRIPES

all of these fun vases at this great new-to-me store Okla

i wish to emulate this fabulous lady with her turban, huge earrings and heart sunglasses (a print)

cute rattan mirrors that are guaranteed to make you smile every time you walk past them

these cute as a button lemon earrings (sold out! waaaah! but maybe they’ll restock them?) as a good fruit substitute have a look at these cherry earrings at (cheaper, too).

this original painting by Jennifer Lewis is called ‘long day with wine’ which made me LOL because, yeah.

i feel like i need this solid perfume inside a shell shaped compact because i deserve it

another great funny happy print by Min Pin. GRRR!

i’m so behind the times because i didn’t know Paloma Wool does shoes now (you can see them all here) but i especially like these yellow ones.

actually i just want all the yellow things! like this coat too.

also this cool t-shirt

and this one by APC (even though i actually hate summer, but maybe this tee will convince me)

and lastly these original screenprints by Emma Lawrenson


    • Whoops just realized it is not spring for you in SA, but really a happy playlist is appropriate at any time.

  1. Yes! A playlist is much needed – I learned about so many awesome bands from your playlist.

  2. I love the seashell compacts in particular, but am always about color.

    And: yes to a happy playlist! Google play did a great job with their “Shiny Happy Pick-Me-Ups” option awhile back.

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