OK first of all gird your loins because these threads don’t come cheap. Kilometre reinvents the 19th century French white dress-shirts, originally meant for men, by adding intricate embroideries with travel destinations on them. the pieces are hand embroidered by artisans in Mexico and India.

These 19th century white dress-shirts, originally meant for men, come from the South of France. Extremely flexible they reflect light and have been used in movies like Gladiator or Lincoln. Made from linen, hemp or nettle, extremely durable, they can live for years. Kilometre uses these shirts as its canvas to express the meridians and parallels of travel. The shirts take their wearers on a journey down the road least travelled. Procida rather than Capri, Kastellorizo instead of Mykonos, Hudson Valley and not The Hamptons: Kilometre evades the expected, and unveils the Ibizas and Saint-Tropezs of tomorrow. Our shirts are covered with embroidered representations of these elusive places – maps, rough sketches, coordinates – each like a cherished memory.

so super pricey but also super cool! they make other stuff too – have a look at their online shop here.

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  1. As someone who does hand embroidered artwork on clothing, I found these pieces quite fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

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