i have had an aversion to Instagram lately, only because i find it hard that it is the go-to for everything now a days. where did you find that? oh i saw it on Instagram. did you hear about this amazing new place? yeah I saw it on Instagram. i don’t know, i just long for the days when the web was so much MORE than just Instagram and social media – including blogs! i miss the era of the blog, not only because i have a blog (of course) but i felt like things were so much more varied and interesting back then. i miss WEIRD ass blogs. stumbling onto some truly strange stuff. now everything looks the same, feels the same… maybe i’m just complaining for nothing. but i want something different! it’s one of the reasons i can’t let go of this very blog.

anyway so where did i discover the work of photographer Levi Mandel? not on Instagram you guys!! on FLICKR. flickr!! what is this, 2011? yeah i decided to jump back in time and peruse some of my old hunting grounds for cool things to show you. Levi is based in NYC/LA and he enjoys “Optimism, pareidolia, weird America, and his cat, Jesse”. see more of his work here. and you can also follow him on Instagram… of course.


  1. Oh man, I love these photos! They remind me so much of William Eggleston.

    And while I hear you about Instagram’s seeming takeover of the internet, I appreciate that the interwebs is no longer a hodgepodge of Geocities sites. Mouse cursor changing into a unicorn with a rainbow glitter trail? No thank you.

  2. Your blog is one of the few places I can count on to see beautiful and interesting things. Definitely a bright spot in the internet.

  3. Bridget Wall Reply

    Lily, I have not thought about those dang geocities sites in ages, ha!

    I love how this photographer plays with light. Very cool.

  4. im glad that youre still keeping the blog going — i miss the good ol blog days too!

  5. Yes to all of these. I love the everyday-ness of these images. People living their lives in color and unassuming style.

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