Erin Chaplin (sister of Mia Chaplin) is fast becoming one of my favourite local artists. her paintings look good enough to eat. like i want to shove my face into them.

Erin Chaplin is back with ‘Nice for What’, an exhibition of portrait and still-life oil paintings. Visitors to the show can expect a more confident artist, evident in her decision to paint within the challenging genre of portraiture. The striking portraits of her nearest friends and family members are complimented with a series of floral still-life works that are executed in a combination of muted tones and unexpected, electric colours. The juxtaposition of these colours creates a dynamism in the work that both shocks and soothes the viewer and hints at a new direction for Chaplin.

the show will run for the month of august in the Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House.

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