Jewels Jewels Jewels! say that nine times fast. because this is the ninth instalment of my Jewels posts, a round-up of all the jewellery i am loving at the moment. i seem to be doing these around July each year, who knows why. maybe it’s cause i have that mid-year winter itch where the weather is dreary and i want to brighten up my vibe with some jewellery. but that is a LIE because the weather is GREAT here. seriously we just installed a fireplace yesterday because it was so cold a few weeks ago, and now i’m walking around in t-shirts everyday. but let’s not talk about the weather, let’s talk about sparkly things.

Eny Lee Parker

Eny Lee Parker uses clay as her medium to create objects, furniture and lighting – and jewellery!

Anne Manns

Anne Manns currently has two collections: The Pea and The Aubergine


i own two pieces by SA based label Trouver and they are wonderful!

Paloma Wool

i didn’t realise Paloma Wool is making jewellery now, but it is naturally all very covetable

J. Hannah

ugh i love EVERYTHING Jess Hannah makes


Erica’s designs are unique not just in design, but also that each piece is individually handmade


Gisele’s new collection is called The Age of Romance

Wolf & Moon

my two favourite collections from Wolf & Moon are The Garden and Collection No. 7

Steffany Roup

Cape Town local Steffany Roup finally has a website for me (and everyone) to drool over!

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