my dad is going to the States sometime this month and i am already browsing online for a few things he can stow away in his luggage for me on the return trip. let me ask you something, how do you Americans do it? there is just SO much good stuff to buy online. i am not a super consumer culture kind of person, but i do enjoy me a beautiful dress or a quality bag or some cool skincare and makeup… i feel like we are so limited in SA and that’s probably a really good thing for my bank account.

anyway here are some things i’m eyeing at the moment, but i probably will only end up buying one special thing. let’s be honest, stuffing a snake shaped table lamp into a suitcase probably isn’t the best idea. what’s your favourite?

i’m really quite obsessed with midi & maxi wrap dresses at the moment. they’re so flattering on every shape of person, and they still sort of fit my bump (for now…). i think i will be wearing them a lot this summer after the baby makes her arrival.

hot tip: Amazon often has great dresses, you just really need to look through the dregs to find them. i also only ever buy things with 4+ star reviews and make sure to read the comments.

speaking of pregnancy, if there’s one thing i’d tell expectant mothers to get it would be the Storq kit bag. i have the black version, but there are 3 colours. admittedly i use it more now that Axel is a toddler because i literally only need wipes and a few nappies when i go out with him, when he was a little baby that still needed bottles and all sorts of things i used the Carryall (and i still do – when we go away for the night or if he needs a day pack of sorts!)

there are such nice things at Of A Kind right now, especially their homeware and art prints:

Citrus and Florals print

Seed Shelf (this is only $9.50??)

speaking of prints, i love these by Lisa Congdon:

Protect The Vulnerable

Tools of the Trade

Urban Outfitters has some fantastically wacky and cool homeware at the moment:

these crochet lions by Ila y Ela are too cute:

beautiful quilts by Vacilando:

i recently discovered Trademark and omg their BAGS (and they’re having a sale at the moment):

i just did a mega jewellery post, but these pieces by Paola Vilas are exquisite:

i love love love the Everlane V-Heel:

gorgeous dresses & robes by Nich:

nude prints by Neptune:

this is beyond most budgets, BUT, behold the Tit Lamp! made me laugh…

these vases..! made by A.C.V Studio (mostly all sold out, you have to act fast)

love all the stationery and prints at the Wit & Delight shop:

i love these cards by Noat:

also a great print by Hotel Magique:



  1. Gemma Rasmussen Reply

    Ooh so lovely. A few things to add to the wishlist. I love the nude print by Neptune but the link is going somewhere else. Would you mind updating so I could check it out? Thank you!!

  2. Love your blog! The link to the Neptune print goes to the blue robe. Where can I find the print? Thanks!

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