Joanne Ho is an artist from New Zealand whose favourite subject to paint is water: lakes, pools, the ocean… she did an entire illustrative series of swimming pools which i love. you can buy prints at her Etsy shop or on Society6.

you can see more of my favourite affordable art on Etsy here.

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  1. Love these – and love the blog, as always. Have been reading for years & can’t tell you enough how wonderful it’s been that you’ve kept the blog up all this time – it’s a gem! Wondering if there are other blogs out there still like yours – have you been reading any regularly these days? x

  2. I adore Joanne’s art! We have “Greece Bliss” (the first image in this post) in the X-Large size from Society6 for our home. It’s such a colorful and refreshing sight at the base of our stairs every morning. I’m so tickled to see it on your blog!

  3. so fun and cheerful! hard to pick a favorite… would definitely love one in our home.

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