i discovered Stvdio Brooklyn last year and started following designer Erica on Instagram after featuring her work on the blog – her braided jewellery is gorgeous. she just released a new collection and shoot inspired by a painterly French Vogue shoot from 1986.

The shoot was inspired by a Deborah Turbeville photo from the 1970’s that I’ve always loved. I wanted to mimic the beautiful dynamic between the nude, and clothed model that I loved so much from the photo, but change the set to really look and feel like a figure drawing set of an artist, working on charcoal sketches, for a painting. I brought in a painter I love from Brooklyn, Brian Rattiner, to do live sketches of the nude model during the shoot, and also shoot with some of his artwork.  The jewelry is a continuation of what I’ve been working on, mostly hand woven pieces, with fluid movement, but with hand sourced stones that are harder to find from commercial dealers in quantity.

you can shop the collection at her website.


  1. Yes, those earrings are gorgeous….BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT WHITE GOWN?!

    I’m hunting for a wedding dress right now and so help me God, I must find out where it’s from! *fingers crossed!*

    • I scrolled down to the comments just to ask the same thing!! I am also shopping for a wedding dress… good luck in your search, Rachael!

  2. I love earings more than any other piece of jewelery, I believe they really add something special to every woman. So I couldn’t be happier to discover these little, gorgeous artworks by Stvdio Brooklyn, thanks for sharing my dear!

  3. hillica hadeln Reply

    i ´m looking for the white and longsleeve blue dress …can you send a link wher i can BUY, ask for it!???
    Pease send me a feedback ! Thank You!!

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