hi friends!!! i’m so excited to post again in such a long, long time. things have settled down in my life a little bit as of late – i find myself with time some mornings to post (when Axel is at school, i have help with the baby and i don’t have any real work to do – the magical trifecta). i took a bit of an unconscious break from the blog since the beginning of the year as we moved into a new house, and i also just had to get used to juggling life with two young kids. i’m still not used to it… does that ever happen? ask me again in 18 years.

anyhoo let’s not talk about kids, that’s not why we’re here! let’s talk about a few GOODIES.

Best is a new jewellery brand out of Cape Town. they have launched with a cool capsule collection of simple earrings and rings. i love them all.

SIN in their owns words do whatever they want: “meticulously hand-building, crafting and weaving American-made home goods that make you feel good.” those candlesticks are out of this world.

have you ever seen a cooler table lamp? well, have you? it is the result of collaboration between two Aussies: jeweller Seb Brown and industrial designer Nicole Lawrence. two thumbs way up.

things with faces never get old. here are two i like. a ceramic mask by designer Gloria Landenberger:

these face trays by Madrigues:

i extremely want a pair of heels by DOPP

i really love this bag by Everlane which is in the colour LEMON and that alone is a good reason to love it.

i wish kids clothes were more like this, a Rudy Jude x El Cosmico co-lab:

cute botanical brooches by Lady Grey:

something i have never worn in my life, but i would love to, is a pair of white pants. maybe one day… when i am confident enough or just decide ‘fuck it’. i like these by Aussie label St. Agni:

and i wish i could cover an entire couch or make a dramatic set of curtains with this fabric, from a series inspired by female artists (this one in the foreground in particular was inspired by Helen Frankenthaler):



  1. Love your blog and so happy to see new posts! Such a cool goodies list, wish I could get everything on it..

  2. So happy you’re back!
    I’ve been checking your blog nearly every day : )

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