ARQ started as a children’s clothing brand, and while their baby and kidswear is EXTREMELY cute and easily the kind of stuff i would want to dress my kids in, it’s their adult range of ladies underwear that make me so happy. if i had to wear high waisted undies for the rest of my life i’d be totally ok with that. i love these new colours from their SS20 range, but they have a wide selection – including leopard print. shop ARQ here.



  1. A lot of their campaign / social media photography is shot by Nicole Mason, who is an excellent Instagram follow @neekmason. I first found out about ARQ from following her photography studio account @theportlandstudio – you might enjoy it, Diana! :)

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Diana! Have missed your posts so much.

    There’s another children-turned-ladies wear in my part of the world you might want to check out – it’s a Malaysian brand called Whimsigirl and they’ve committed to producing amazingly comfortable everyday wear for the everyday girl. :)

  3. I just looooove the times we are in! These pictures are so beautiful and raw, no edits and no airbrush! I can actually see myself in these women and that makes me want to buy these!

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