wow this has taken me back, because the first time i featured Alix-Rose Cowie on the blog was 10 years ago when i was still doing the “things i like right now” features. she has popped up on the blog many times, and has not only continued with her photographic work but is also a fantastic online editor & storyteller. another funny thing, she took over the lease of my wonderful office – which i sadly gave up when i became a mom.

anyway so she’s been doing her thing during lockdown, including this fun new shoot for Missibaba. The pieces come from a cross section of collections including their new Cahoots collection: “A Quilted Collection of Conspiring Colours” which is all about surprising partnerships that become dynamic duos.

I’ve been doing what I call ‘isolation shoots’ from my apartment during lockdown, where I work alone on styling and shooting. For this shoot, a big bag of Missibaba’s products arrived at my door and I was given creative freedom to decide what to shoot. They just asked for a series of still lives. I used props and card that I brought home from my studio before lockdown for potential shoots and things I could get from the grocery store – which are our new luxuries. I really liked the idea of mixing everyday items with super luxe leather handbags which are also really fun and playful.

i used to have a lot of handbags but did a major purge years ago, and now have a few that i love. one is the original bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel (it hardly ever makes an appearance because i’m too scared it’ll get damaged) and the other is a one-of-a-kind Sgt Pepper by Missibaba. it is probably my favourite bag of all, a special birthday gift from Anton when i was pregnant. they are such beautiful pieces and every single one is handmade. shop Missibaba online and follow Missibaba on instagram.

PS: Missibaba designer Chloe Townsend is also a fabulous artist.


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  1. Oh my gosh I love these photos! Love how you put random objects in with the bags and it looks so… high fashion? Thanks for sharing.


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