possibly the last thing on your mind right now is a new swimsuit. your vacation plans have probably been cancelled, or you might be in the middle of winter like us. but the new collection from Venetian swimwear label Lido is so simple and beautiful *chef’s kiss* – it transported me right to an Italian summer.

Italiana is a dip into into a teenager’s 1990s summer spent on the beach. Sleepy mornings, afternoons sunbathing on a deckchair, beach cabins, ice creams and late night motorcycle rides. Lido is entirely conceived, designed and produced in Venice, Italy, and its surroundings using sustainable, recycled and technical Italian fabrics.

imagining i was lounging by the pool at Marianne’s Italian villa from Normal People (which is available to rent, by the way). it might be a long time before we get to travel again, but even if you only get to swim in a neighbourhood pool this summer (or suntan on your balcony) you could always do it in Lido.

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