this past week i had a heavily debated conversation about our kitchen on my IG Stories. i have been wanting to paint our cupboards for the longest time (they are currently white) and was vacillating between sunshine yellow and some kind of amazing green. green and pink maybe?? – this house is for rent on Airbnb as it happens.

then i saw this renovated West London kitchen by interior designers Clarence & Graves, with custom cabinetry by kitchen geniuses deVOL, and it has reinforced by love for green and a very pale peachy pink combo. that pea green on the windows is also *chef’s kiss*

The homeowner & interior designer of this property in Chiswick, West London describes his new kitchen as ‘Provençal meets Wes Anderson’. The kitchen uses modular deVOL cupboards from their Real Shaker range painted in an almost blackened bespoke deep green. The sink and tap are nestled right in the chimney breast with a marble splashback. The kitchen island has views through the pea green metal-framed doors into a little sun trap of a garden. A long floor-to-ceiling larder houses the family’s fridge, a pantry and space for a washing machine and dryer – all hiding away behind wooden doors painted in deVOL’s own ‘Mushroom’ shade.

images courtesy of deVOL + Clarence and Graves

A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen

also don’t you love a slick hidden fridge and pantry combo:

A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen

and here’s a before & after because who doesn’t love those:

A Provençal meets Wes Anderson kitchen


  1. having been one of the people who voted no on IG, im glad to see you sway towards the beautiful green and pink.. i think they would look stunning.

  2. I love those dark cabinets. My only concern is care – I currently have painted cabinets in the kitchen (they were painted when we moved in) and they suck. The paint is always peeling around the handles and they’re kind of a pain to clean. I don’t really know what else to do though – I don’t really like the all natural wood cabinet look though.

    xoKaelen | Darling Marcelle

    • i think if the cabinets are sprayed and not painted by hand, and the handles put on afterwards, it shouldn’t be a problem? it would be more expensive though…

  3. OMG, that is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen in my life. It just took my breath away for the colors are outstanding. Can someone please tell me the paint colors of the pink and green? What brand and numbers for I want to do some painting now myself. The designers should win an award for this ……

  4. This is a great inspiration! Good luck on yours.

    Anyone know of some outdoor furniture in a similar dark green? – so hard to find!

  5. It’s gorgeous, but the sink and countertop design baffles me– where do you put the things you’ve just washed? There’s nowhere for a drying rack or really to even stack regular sized plates. I guess you could turn around and put things on the island, but that seems inefficient and the cooktop takes up half of it.

    • maybe there’s a hidden washing sink in the scullery area? but most possibly they will just be putting most of their dishes in the dishwasher (so no stacking next to the sink)

    • I’m wondering about hiding the fridge in the pantry. It seems silly that you’d have to walk into another room to get something out of the fridge, but the glassware and firewood are stored right next to the sink? It’s nice to look at, but it seems like it was designed by and/or for people who are unlikely to use the kitchen very much.

  6. Personally, I hate doing the dishes but if our kitchen would look like this… girl, sign me up for a dish washing contest.

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