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Nomad is a fashion label based in Porto, Portugal and Stockholm, Sweden – an interesting combo that you can see in their clothes. a bit of a Mediterranean feeling, combined with that pared down Swedish design sensibility. the SS14 collection, Road to Dambulla, was inspired by a journey through Sri Lanka by bus: easy to wear pieces that you can just throw in a bag and go.

Designed and produced in Portugal with a strong handmade approach, Nomad fully embraces the experimental process behind every collection. All our knits are hand-loomed in our studio and the rest of the pieces are made in a very small, family-owned local factory. Rather than focusing on trends and mass-production, we at Nomad choose a more conscious approach and are committed to being as sustainable as possible, both by using materials that are local and eco-friendly (many of them are dead-stock coming from small, local warehouses), and by manufacturing our pieces in the most fair and sustainable way we can find.

see the entire lookbook here. photography by Filipa Alves

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The pictures make me want to spend my vacations in a South-American desert.

    I wonder, how do you always manage to unearth the best stuff, and it mostly isn’t even stuff every other blog posts either. I’m a great fan :)

    • Thanks V :)

      In this case the designer shared the work with me – I am lucky that so many talented people get in touch that way. Sometimes, if I hit the jackpot, I would have found something (through lots of internet searching & going down many rabbit holes) that no one else has posted about. But, that doesn’t necessarily influence my decision to share – I will always post about soemthing if i love it. Even if it has already had tons of shares.

  2. Has this company shut down? Or has the website moved? None of the links are working and google isn’t helping me :(

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