JOE WEBB, Antares and Love XI, 2015

Imaginary Curator: Juno

you probably know all about Juno, the NASA space probe that successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit today. if you don’t know about it then just google Juno. or, in fact, just look at today’s Google doodle. or follow the official twitter account. or read this article. basically Juno has been in…

Katrin Coetzer: Under the Same Sun

my faaaaaaaaaavourite local artist slash illustrator Katrin Coetzer has a beautiful new exhibition currently showing in Madrid at a concept store called Do Design. are you in Madrid? you should go see it! you should buy a painting! it’s showing till 6 August 🌞

Pieter Hugo 1994

Pieter Hugo: 1994

if you think you aren’t familiar with the work of South African photographic artist Pieter Hugo, you will most certainly recognise his iconic series The Hyena Men. and if not, then his latest exhibition 1994 is a great introduction to his work. 1994 comprises portraits of children born after 1994…

Clara Adolphs

there’s something about Australian artist Clara Adolphs’ work that reminds me of Mad Men – her paintings are almost like very melancholy versions of the famous Carousel scene. she’s represented by MiCK and you can see a nice little studio visit with her here.

Ernesto Artillo

oooooooh, i only just discovered the work of Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo – art meets photography meets fashion – all the good stuff rolled into one! Ernesto’s original artworks, photography & collaborations (amongst which include fashion house Delpozo) are something to behold. some of it reminds me of my own art + fashion posts (maybe why…


Imaginary Curator: Mama

Above: Agnes Barton-Sabo, Freddie Mercury Mother’s Day Card. the other day i did a Buzzfeed quiz to see how well i remembered the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody (pretty well, i might add) and i have had the line “Mama! Oooooooooh” revolving in my head ever since. perhaps appropriate as i am…

You are Here

Kirsten Sims: You Are Here

right now i’m just over 36 weeks pregnant and consequently not getting out of the house much. but i do browse Instagram – a lot. when i’m wide awake at 2am, when i’m lying on the couch with my swollen feet propped up on a pillow, when i’m in the…

Jorey Hurley

Jorey Hurley

we won’t be doing a nursery initially, as the kiddo is just going to sleep in our room for the first few months. we would only just have moved into our new house by the time he arrives, so i’d want to figure out the space before settling on who sleeps where (needless…

Marianne Batlle

Pins by Marianne Batlle

i’ve been marvelling at these beaded pins by French artist Marianne Batlle, not just because of how painstakingly detailed they are – but also the fact that you can actually recognise all the famous characters. how many can you identify?

TONY GUM, Milked in Africa - Half full, half empty, 2016

Imaginary Curator: The Nude

TONY GUM, Milked in Africa – Half full, half empty, 2016. thanks so much for your enthusiastic response to my first Imaginary Curator post! today’s “show” is all about THE NUDE. i want to save these bums as my desktop background in case someone is ever spying on me working at…

Dolly Parton

Revival, a series of style icons

Revival is a collaboration between illustrator Libby van der Ploeg and Brooklyn based shop Dusty Rose Vintage. the illustrated series depicts 10 inspiring women whose style and thinking has had a lasting influence on our culture; including Dolly Parton, Frida Kahlo, Audrey Hepburn, Debbie Harry, Bettie Page, Julia Child, Josephine Baker, Bjork, Joan…

Lauren Tamaki

Lauren Tamaki Fashion Drawings

i’m at the stage now where i’d much rather look at people’s interpretations of the fashion shows than at the actual fashion shows themselves. that’s why i love these drawings by illustrator Lauren Tamaki, who lives and works in Brooklyn. incidentally Lauren’s illustration also accompanied one of my favourite recent articles in the…

DEAN WEST, Train, 2012

Imaginary Curator: The American West

i thought i’d try out a new series on the blog called Imaginary Curator. i look at a lot of art online as i’m always on the look out for something interesting to share with you, and often i see themes jumping out at me. basically, if i were to walk into a gallery or museum right now, what would i want to see? my first “show” (haha) is all kinds of art related to The American West, and i am blaming this totally on my recent watching of Lonesome Dove…

Define Magazine giveaway

Define Magazine (and a Giveaway!)

Introducing new quarterly magazine Define – each issue focuses on a single word that is defined by a unique group of artists through various mediums. their first issue was about Fear and their second issue, launched just this week, is about Shape. today we’re giving away two sets of both issues! click through to enter….

Wes Anderson Tributes

Wes Anderson Tributes

i don’t think there are many (any?) contemporary film makers who are culturally adored as much as Wes Anderson. sometimes i will just randomly think of scenes from Grand Budapest Hotel and laugh out loud to myself. i’ve come across two Wes Anderson tributes recently that i thought were so…