inspired by the print work of artist Alex Katz today, which spans from the late 40s to the present day. you can see his entire impressive archive here.

Katz has admitted to destroying a thousand paintings during his first ten years as a painter in order to find his style. Since the 1950s, he worked to create art more freely in the sense that he tried to paint “faster than he can think.” His works seem simple, but according to Katz they are more reductive, which is fitting to his personality.

Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz Alex Katz

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  1. These are lovely. It’s nice to know that artists sometimes struggle a little (or a lot) at the beginning with finding their identity.

  2. These are lovely and I agree with Maggie–what a nice tidbit to hear about the style struggle. That makes these pieces all the more human somehow.

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