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Beautiful Girls in New York

street style circa 1944, photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt for a series called beautiful girls in new york for Life. i really think fourties style has to be one of my favourites, though perhaps women in new york have just always looked amazing.

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  1. i’m in love with these. i want that floral bow blouse with the bow pencil skirt. i think 40s style is one of my fav styles ever, have always been drawn to it, so elegant. i’m a big fan of pencil skirts.

  2. I’m with you there, Diana, 1930s & 40s are just style heaven. Incidentally, I live in London but my family live in Johannesburg and Cape Town – so I visit from time to time but they are always pretty quick visits – are the South Africans into their vintage – is there much vintage stock out there?

  3. loved the style and flair of that era..
    the shoes!!
    with ankle straps!
    Oh those beautiful shoes !
    tasteful, elegant..
    and as Joan so aptly put it..
    and not a single TATTOO!!!

  4. i am completely breath taken with these dresses. What a wonderful tribute to simple, classy style. In fact, I like to see that these styles are making a strong comeback today.

  5. these are such lovely outfits! (and ladies, for that matter…) so interesting to see how many of them are either wearing or carrying their gloves, too. maybe that’ll be the next ‘ladylike’ addition to fashion we’ll see coming down the catwalks? (they are really practical, hmm.)

  6. Alfred Eisenstaedt had truly impeccable taste in subjects and their clothing. I would wear every single thing (except the viking helmet/hat).
    P.S. Your blog is consistently fantastic.

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