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Delpozo Spring 2014

when i saw the Delpozo Spring 2014 collection i had two thoughts: (1) WOW and (2) this is crying out for a comparison series. before i delved into my little project, though, i looked through every piece on what a collection. and upon reading more about it, saw that designer Josep Font was inspired by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s portrait La Zingara. so, i suppose this is kind of serendipitous.

Madrid-based label Delpozo made a splash with its New York fashion week debut last season and delivered again for Spring with a positively enchanting collection inspired by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot’s portrait of a Gypsy woman with a tambourine. Creative director Josep Font, who relaunched the storied Spanish brand just over a year ago, has become known for his unique “prêt-à-couture” that combines unexpected volumes with intricate embellishments in a modern, unstuffy way.

click on the images to see larger versions!

Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014
Miss Moss // Delpozo Spring 2014

works of art from top to bottom: Jacob Axel Gillberg – Nydia the flower girlAuguste Toulmouche – A Young Woman in a Rose GardenEkaterina Nikolaevna Katshura-Falileeva – At the SamovarJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – Woman with mandolinJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – Agostina; Raphael Kirchner – Fanny Brice; Giovanni Boldini – A Portrait of Emiliana Concha de OssaJean-Baptiste-Camille Corot – Interrupted ReadingWilliam James Glackens – Dancer in a pink dressAlexander Antonovich Rizzoni – A nun.


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  1. you’re a visual genius, seriously, as an iconography obsessive geek, i’m deeply jealous of your visual associations and compositions. RESPECT.

  2. honestly this is my favourite thing ever! the collection is stunning, the paintings are stunning, this is what I love about fashion. You’ve combined the two. I’m so inspired. I make baroque inspired crowns, and this is giving me so so so much!

  3. WAW, this really blew me away. I adore your comparison series. You have such a great eye for it. How did you find these amazing matching paintings? Is there an image bank or you knew about them already? Bravo!

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  6. These are so perfect! The collection is stunning and do are you pairings… Love the mirrored images. Amazing how you find the perfect paintings!

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  10. Hi Diana, first time here, found you through Stumble, and I fell in love with the images in this article! It’s been a while since I began researching about how fashion is inspiring interiors today and how the opposite may start to happen as well. And this post remind me of that exactly, this is how so creative but so distinct areas can obtain inspiration from one another. Also, I know you don’t do advertising posts of any sort but I dare you to have a look at the brand I represent as PR and Press Director, KOKET (www.bykoketcom). You will find that our products too are deeply inspired in fashion. From the peacock feathers of 2012 to the metallic looks of 2013…. We breathe fashion and the decorative arts :) Let me know what you think… Fabulous blog!

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